7 Reasons You Should Play Sudoku

7 Reasons To Play Sudoku

1. Improving Memory

These are not empty words: a college in Dublin conducted a special study. It turned out that in general such tasks, stimulating the brain, prevent fading brain activity. And in Sudoku you try to keep in mind several numbers at once, and even in your mind you calculate the puzzles. That's why Sudoku is such an activity, which is necessarily shown to elderly people.

2. The emergence of new brain cells

This fact is confirmed by another study conducted in Edinburgh. It showed that people who enjoy sudoku, actively stimulated the work of so-called "survival genes" which for most people are sweetly dorman. The reason is our life has become comfortable and predictable then earlier. No need to run away from saber-toothed tigers, or to hunt a game.
"Survival genes" help brain cells live longer and happier - to resist disease, stroke and the effects of drugs.
And scientists at Oxford University have found that sudoku generally leads to the formation of new brain cells. And who among us doesn't need them?

3. Improving Intelligence

Sudoku not only pumps logical thinking, which is quite obvious, but also develops the brain areas responsible for decision-making. And that means that avid fans of the game are able to be more creative in everyday life and in work matters.

4. Increased concentration

Many people in the 21st century find it very difficult to concentrate - even just reading a book. Already on the second page the brain seems to whisper: "Stop this difficult task and let's go and play with the phone while lying on the sofa!
The reasons may be different: stress, lack of sleep, poor lifestyle, blunting cognitive functions. Want to cope with this problem spectacularly and for free - solve Sudoku! Besides the game teaches you strategic thinking, which is a rare talent of the elect.

5. More happiness

Happiness can be achieved in different ways: spending time where it's good and with the people you love; retreating mentally to wonderful stories of the past; or practicing your favorite hobby. Puzzles are also a small contribution to a great cause: they relax and brighten up our leisure time.
By the way, you can arrange whole Sudoku battles with friends or colleagues. Children are also eager to get involved in the exciting process - all this improves human relationships and creates a warm happy atmosphere.

6. Reducing the risk of Alzheimer's

As we know, Alzheimer's is a chronic disease that affects the brain, and its effects are irreversible. And while scientists aren't giving up and looking for a cure for dementia, we all need to be proactive!
Playing sudoku is a great way to do just that, "sharpening" and toning up your gray matter. Add to that a proper diet (blueberries, strawberries, green vegetables, seafood, legumes, quality chocolate) and cognitive exercisers, and you're well on your way to protecting yourself from this kind of deterioration.

7. A burst of energy

And also Sudoku gives us a burst of energy - after such a "unraveling" session, any routine tasks will be performed more easily and with fire. You have switched the brain, unloaded the body, and everything will work out!
Sudoku vary in difficulty level, which depends on the number of cells filled with numbers and solution methods. Usually distinguish about 4 levels, where the most difficult can solve only true masters. Sudoku game has its own rules and secrets.